This is the story of my quest to train my three Dales Ponies for classical dressage, primarily by using Alexandra Kurland's clicker training methods, with a touch of others such as Philippe Karl and Anja Beran thrown in. I turned to clicker training because I had come up against some issues that I didn't know how to fix and because I wanted to inspire them to become enthusiatic partners. Bella and Jack are all my own work and have never been ridden by anyone else.

Bella, Grace and Jack

Bella aged 6

Bella aged 6

Treat Delivery

Jack aged 7


Monday, 10 November 2008

I also have one pic of her canter transition. I wasn't going to post it because I can't stand the way I am sitting and will never be able to look at this page again if I put it on here, but I wanted to show you how Philippe Karl's DVDs have helped us, so I have cropped me out! I had my chin stuck out and my back hollow - I never ride like that usually - it was awful!! If I wait until OH is free again, and until the digital camera gets the right moment again, it could be ages until I get another! She is like this on both reins now and always a correct lead.

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